19.01.traditionally, the Church Municipality of Azbukovačka, "Ethno Village Vrhpolje" and Rafting Club "Drinska Regatta" organize swimming for the Epiphany Honorary Cross. The event is sponsored by the municipality of Ljubovija.
The program of events is as follows:
11.00 - service in the church of St. Prophet Jeremiah in Vrhpolje;
11:45 - medical examination for participants who swim for the Epiphany cross;
After the examination, a swim for the Epiphany is performed. Announcement of winners and award ceremony;
Socializing in the "Ethno Village Vrhpolje" participants, visitors and other guests.
The number of participants is growing every year, as well as the number of visitors who want to watch a magnificent sight on the river Drina , which takes place at the Epiphany.