The Sports Association of the Municipality of Ljubovija, in cooperation with PK "Tornička Bobija" and PK "Avala", organizes the Student Mountain Marathon every year. The "School Mountain Marathon" is an event that, in addition to entertainment, also has a very important educational aspect.
The leader of the hike is our prominent mountaineer Dragan Pavlović, who during the walk points out to the children the important localities, places from where the view is the most beautiful, introduces them to rare plant and animal species. The goal is to acquaint young people with the natural beauties of their homeland before heading to distant destinations.
. The "School Mountain Marathon" is also a promotion for Bobija, which is slowly gaining a place on the tourist map that belongs to her. The Sports Association of the Municipality of Ljubovija and PK "Tornička Bobija" try to bring children closer to nature through such events and remind them not to forget how important being in nature and our connection with it is in the era of digitalization.
Every year, the event has more and more participants, on one of the most beautiful mountains in Serbia, the mountain beauty of the municipality of Ljubovija, Mount Bobija.
They are delighted with Bobija and the charms she shows only to the most curious visitors.
Our common motto is for young people to get to know their homeland, socialize and spend time in nature.