The local community of Crnča with a group of its locals, enthusiasts, organizes the traditional "Skobaljijada" in Crnča. The competition took place on the part of the Drina near the Krupinja bridge.
The significance of such events is exceptional for the promotion of the Drina and fishing on it, as well as the entire region. This is one of the ways to attract tourists to come to the event, get acquainted with the natural beauties and return to stay with us again.
"Skobaljijada" in Crnča is important for the promotion of fishing on the Drina and Drina as exceptional destinations for both fishermen and lovers of rafting, diving (the underwater world is exceptional), swimming and vacation on one of the cleanest European rivers.
The interest in fishing on our exceptional river is great.
Competitors from the side are delighted with the river, stay on the shore, fishing and organization, friendly welcome and hospitality of the hosts.
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