An oasis of taste in Ljubovija

The second largest event in Ljubovija, the Gastro Festival, was held on Saturday. The beauties of this region are attracting an increasing number of tourists, and for more than a decade, Ljubovija has been promoted through the Gastro Fest event.
This year Gastro Fest was attended by more than 50 teams, competitors and exhibitors, who competed in the disciplines of cooking fish soup, cooking restaurant fish soup, preparing ethno meals, baking, confectionery and goulash cooking. The event began with a cultural and entertainment program, performances by children from the preschool "Poletarac", then KUD "Azbukovica", KUD "Dule Milosavljevic - Zele" from Cacak, animators for children, Mirror Crew - performers in mirror costumes and orchestra "Three Hats".
Jelena Tešić, director of the Tourist Organization of the Municipality of Ljubovija, says that the goal of this festival is to promote authentic, alphabetic cuisine.
"I would say that this year we had a record number of registered teams and I believe that everyone brought good impressions from our Ljubovija. We had numerous exhibitors from different parts of Serbia, who presented their specialties, but also got acquainted with the Azbukovica cuisine , indispensable in the gastronomic offer of our municipality recognizable by rural tourism ", said Jelena Tešić.
In order for rural tourism to come to life and have a perspective in these parts, roads are necessary, says the President of the Municipality of Ljubovija, Milan Jovanović.
"In order to develop in this direction, it is necessary to invest in road infrastructure, so we have planned the asphalting of about 20 kilometers of uncategorized roads in the budget of the municipality of Ljubovija. Road infrastructure is our priority and is a prerequisite for the development of rural tourism and the arrival of guests from all over Serbia and the region. Vein the home of every village is the roads, and the village lives as long as it has a school and a church. Three new churches are currently being built, and this year we plan to reconstruct several schools in the villages, "he says Milan Jovanovic.
Competitors and visitors of the Gastro Fest enjoyed an extremely cheerful atmosphere. The expert jury, which consisted of Milorad Acimovic - Acim and Marko Trijic, announced is the most successful participant, and President Jovanović presented awards to the competitors.


  • KOTLIĆ from KOMIRIĆ - Komirić
  • Rajski kotlić, Bratunac - Maribor
  • Pečenjara kod Jove - Brankovina


  • Tadića vajati -Drlače
  • Kotlić - Osečina


  • Srednja škola Vuk Karadžić - Ljubovija
  • Domaćinstvo Savić - Arilje
  • Udruženje žena Nezaborav - Mali Zvornik


  • Udruženje žena Vila - Ljubovija


  • Tourist Organization of the Municipality of Novi Becej
  • Vuk Karadzic High School - Ljubovija


  • Tourist-sports organization Krupanj
  • CASTLE - Ljubovija
  • Mali Dupli - Ljubovija